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don’t give yourself away
we are walking,
and i catch that drift
i prepare my lips for it
i inhale it like parallel smoke,
and i exhale a strange insanity
ideas that form shapes as ships do in the water,
and flee

the spaces in between my sentences are too long

twenty four hours
and the whole world will look different.
two birds dead today,
and how many might follow?

twenty four hours
and i could wake from this dream
perhaps, if the evening submits
and the moon rises once more.

twenty four hours
you here, and where will i be?
lost in outer space
or within the stars of your eyes.

wow bad energy today at the workplace…

obviously i can’t handle much because i work in the most positive environment ever!

time to light some palo santo to cleanse the spirit

and some bud to refresh the mind…

you can see the universe beginning
making all the sun and the sky
you can see the universe is ending
making love darker than the night