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a rainy morning and a warm breakfast. a tea kettle whistling and a skateboard’s tha-thump, traveling slowly down the block. trees dripping, grass dripping, the clouds want to melt away their weight and add it to this world, where i sit quietly, listening while i eat a simple breakfast. the train is coming. the slow buildup of horns, warning “the train is coming!” the ding of the red and white candy striped bars that fall down and do nothing to protect, but only to warn of the cataclysmic noise that is approaching. once it reaches my block, and crosses, the sound sinks again, it’s much more bearable and i begin to notice other things again. the hum of the refrigeration in this apartment. trees dripping, grass dripping. my own heart beating.

i am a child, i’ll last a while…
you can’t conceive of the pleasure in my smile

oh let the sun beat down upon my face
stars fill my dreams
i am a traveler of both time and space
to be where i have been

i miss you so much right now… my heart and mind could burst just because you are so far away.

friday at the fair

costumes, a super silly play with lots of crossdressing, stilts, a gray muggy warm day and smiles everywhere. walking in circles, wandering all which ways, keeping an eye out for the painted signs with advice on them, like “ramble on rose”. people singing and strutting and drumming and waiting, looking for something or somebody to cling onto or to follow in all of the madness. crowds, crowds of color and headpieces and more dead shirts than i’ve ever seen at once, babies and pregnant women and naked breasts. humans, naked, decorated, somehow ancient looking in all this modern hippie garb, painted skin and inked skin and masks. dancing, swaying, coughing, sweating, friendly yet weary, free and happy but in appearance tired and looking for somewhere to be.

strange to be a part of it all, and strange to enter reality again…

as the sign leaving the grounds said, “be safe, it’s a whole other world out there. buckle up”

farewell, fair